Ventnor Unique Environment



A unique environment

Ventnor really is a gateway to glorious countryside - it is virtually surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and much of the nearby downland is an internationally important downland habitat. This area contains some of the most interesting flora and fauna to be found on the Island. 

Ventnor faces south and is protected from the north by the steep St. Boniface Down. This creates a unique 'Mediterranean' microclimate which encourages lush vegetation and varied wildlife wildlife to flourish both in the town and inits surrounding countryside. 

Behind the coastal defences at Bonchurch, Sea Kale, Hoary Stock and Red Valerian ( also known as 'Ventnor Pride') all flourish. On the side of the downs, Bee Orchids, Autumn Gentian and other chalk flowers can be found. 

In Ventnor town itself, the stone walls are home to a very special resident, the wall lizard, which lives in the sun-baked walls and rockeries. Usually found in Southern Europe, these little creatures are thriving here in Ventnor due to the warm and sheltered climate. 

The countryside around Ventnor is also home to rare butterflies, including the Adonis Blue and the Glanville Fritillary. The Glanville Fritillary favours the warm slopes with irregular bare ground and plentiful. Red squirrels and migratory birds also frequent the area - all within easy reach of this attractive seaside resort. 

Guided walks are available led by local wildlife experts and there are endless opportunities to explore the Undercliff, using the award-winning network of public footpaths. Ventnor really is a special place with beautiful landscapes and rare wildlife. 

Male Glanville Fritillary
Clouded Yellow
Wall Lizard
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