Ventnor Gift To Nature



Ventnor visitors are helping to care for the Islands wildlife

Gift to nature is a scheme managed by the Island 2000 Trust to show how tourism and conservation can help each other. With the help of many Island tourism businesses, visitors are being offered the opportunity to 'put something back' into the Island's beautiful countryside. Many Ventnor businesses are supporting Gift To Nature and during your stay, you may come across hotels, campsites, shops and cafes with collections boxes or envelopes raising money for local conservation projects. Some businesses are actually adding on an optional donation onto their bill. If you come across any of these businesses during your stay, please do give Gift To Nature your support.  

Every penny you give will be spent on Island conservation projects. With the money raised by Gift To Nature last year, a dry stone wall was built in Ventnor Botanic Gardens. This wall was tailor made to provide a luxury hone for Ventnor's very special reptilian residents - Mediterranean wall lizards.

Our next target is to develop a red squirrel viewing area in an island forest so that visitors can enjoy seeing these elusive creatures.

For more information, please visit www.gifttonature.co.uk


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