Ventnor Guided Walks.


You'll be amazed at what there is to 
discover on a short walk around Ventnor!

Smugglers & Shipwrecks

A Fascinating coastal walk to Steephill Cove that relives the days when smuggling was rife and the treacherous ledges of the back of the Wight were the last resting place for many a glorious ship. We may even bump into a smuggler or two along the way!  

Bonchurch Ghost Hunt

Get ready to be spooked on this evening walk around this quiet little village. But be warned: Keep with the guide - don't lag behind!

Birdwatching & Wildlife

Enjoy the panoramic views and learn of the interesting flora and fauna on this steep downland walk.

The Undercliff

Walking through this old Victorian walkway, learn of it's unique geology, interesting history and look out for those Red Squirrels.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This walk has a bit of everything rolled into one. History, wildlife, geology, famous visitors and inhabitants, including the Ventnor Wall Lizards.

Rock Pooling & Beach Combing

When the sea recedes from the rocky shores of Ventnor, a wealth of undersea life becomes exposed. This is a fascinating thing to do that has been enjoyed by children of all ages for many years on the Isle of Wight.

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